Date of Publication

Spring 4-28-2016

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Emily Dane-Staples


The motivation behind this paper is showing that the long-term survival of nonprofit organizations depends on the recruitment and retention of today’s young adults. Determining what motivates young adult’s verses what holds them back and how organizations can meet student’s interest seems to be still unknown. Looking within the St. John Fisher community through an emailed survey can help pinpoint some of those unanswered questions for nonprofits. With help of the data we can see SJFC student’s volunteer history, influence for volunteering and influences for not volunteering, which organizations they volunteered for and pinpoint why as a volunteer they would become a repeat volunteer. Out of 190 responses 130 females and 60 males responded helping shed light on the female’s motivation factors for volunteering such as helping the community, skill building and mission statement being the top three. Secondly we looked at the service focus of volunteer organizations to see within the college community what volunteer organizations seemed to be volunteered most frequently. Looking at these results can help organizations meet student interests and motivations seeing as young adults are a vital part of the nonprofit world today.