Soaring: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

Soaring: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

Volume 2023 (2023)

Editor's Note

The editorial board and I are beyond excited to present the 2023 debut edition of Soaring: A Journal of Undergraduate Research. This revamped journal combines former 3690 and The Review, to make one diverse journal with a section of first-year research, and a section of advanced undergraduate research. All research included was written by undergraduate students at St. John Fisher University.

The team discussed all submissions at length and ultimately determined which pieces to include in this edition. Our thought-provoking selections cover a range of topics and stood out most among the others. Making these decisions is never easy, and we admire and thank all of the students who submitted their work to us.

I would personally like to thank the members of the editorial board for their willingness to contribute their time and effort to the creation of Soaring. Reconstructing a journal is no easy task, yet the team stayed positive and dedicated throughout the entire journey. Furthermore, I would like to thank our advisor, Prof. Fionnuala Regan, for her guidance and support during this lengthy process. This revamp would not have been successful without her presence. Lastly, thank you to all of our faculty reviewers for dedicating their time and knowledge to our efforts, and for understanding our shortened window of time.

Congratulations to our published authors, especially Mia Lindenburg for receiving this year’s Provost’s Award for Best Paper!

We hope you enjoy the debut edition of Soaring.

All the best,
Liz Gass ’24
Editor-in-Chief, Soaring



Editor's Note
Liz Gass

First-Year Research

Advanced Undergraduate Research

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Liz Gass, '24

Ashley Lippa, '23
Collin Ruth, '24
Emily Sullivan, '24
Emma Hunt, '24
Francesca Schmitt, '24
Grace Tursi, '24
Jake Slowinski, '24
Josiah Bowers, '23
Katie Fiannaca, '24
Kevin Havens, '23
Kirstin Meyers, '23
Zoe Haines, '23

Prof. Fionnuala Regan, English Dept.

Prof. Calvin Eaton, African American Studies
Dr. Cassandra Scherr, English
Dr. Dawn Rager, Psychology
Dr. Edward Freeman, Biology
Dr. Guillermo Montes, Education
Dr. Heather McGrane Minton, Public Health & Nursing
Dr. James Bowman, English
Dr. Jane Snyder, Political Science & Legal Studies
Dr. Jill Swiencicki, English
Dr. Jonathan Millen, Biology
Deacon Jonathan Schott, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
Dr. Katharine A. Burakowski, Sport Management
Dr. Kimberly McClure Brenchley, Psychology
Dr. Kylene Abraham, Nursing
Dr. Linda MacCammon, Religious Studies
Dr. Lisa J. Cunningham, Women and Gender Studies
Dr. Marcie McMahon, Nursing & Mental Health
Dr. Marta Rodríguez-Galán, Sociology, Anthropology, & Public Health
Dr. Matthew Bereza, Psychology
Dr. Melissa Bissonette, English
Dr. Melissa Bourne, Nursing
Dr. Özge Kantaş, Psychology
Dr. Patricia Gatlin, Nursing
Dr. Rob Ruehl, Philosophy
Dr. Ryan Gantner, Mathematics
Dr. Stephen Brauer, English
Dr. Terence Gipson, Public Health
Dr. Tim Madigan, Philosophy
Dr. Zachary Murphy, Biology

The editorial staff of Soaring: A Journal of Undergraduate Research would also like to thank the following people for their support:
Dr. Kevin Railey, Provost
Dr. Ann Marie Fallon, Dean for the School of Arts & Sciences
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