Table of Contents

Being a Feminist Community During a Pandemic: Our Editors’ Welcome by Jill Swiencicki, Lisa Cunningham, & Mary E. Graham

Creating Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal by Deborah Uman & Barbara LeSavoy

Disrupters: Three Women of Color Tell Their Stories by Dulce María Gray, Denise A. Harrison, & Yuko Kurahashi

Contemporary Black Women’s Voting Rights Activism: Some Historical Perspective by Alison Parker, Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, & Naomi R. Williams

Shapeshifting Power: Indigenous Teachings of Trickster Consciousness and Relational Accountability for Building Communities of Care by Ionah M. Elaine Scully

Influencing Public Opinion: Public Relations and the Arrest of Susan B. Anthony by Arien Rozelle

#THEMTOO: Two NFL Team Options for Not Exploiting Women Cheerleaders by Melanie Kelly, Colby A. Murphy, & Mary E. Graham

Feminist Attitudes, Behaviors, and Culture Shaping Women’s Center Practice by Angela Clark-Taylor, Emily Creamer, Barbara LeSavoy, & Catherine Cerulli

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