Research and scholarship from faculty and staff in the Religious Studies Department at St. John Fisher University.


Books from 2024

Ecological Moral Character: A Catholic Model, Nancy M. Rourke

Books from 2022

Change and Confusion in Catholicism, Nathan R. Kollar


Book Review: Re-Enchanting the Earth: Why AI Needs Religion. By Ilia Delio, Nancy M. Rourke

Submissions from 2019


Religions’ Future in the Anthropocene, Nathan R. Kollar

Books from 2009

Defending Religious Diversity in Public Schools: A Practical Guide for Building Our Democracy and Deepening Our Education, Nathan R. Kollar

Books from 2008

Out of Paradise: 41 Poems of Distress, Humor, and Hope, Michael Costanzo

Liberating the Bible: A Guide for the Curious and Perplexed, Linda MacCammon


Review of 'The Comical Doctrine: An Epistemology of New Testament Hermeneutics,' by Rosalind M. Selby, Linda MacCammon

Submissions from 2007


Review of 'Contagious Holiness: Jesus' Meals with Sinners,' by Craig L. Blomberg, Linda MacCammon

Books from 2000

Church as Counterculture, Robert W. Brimlow and Michael L. Budde