Safety and Toxicity Counts of Nanocosmetics

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The advent of nanotechnology has led to advances in the cosmetic industry and is expected to grow further in the near future. Nanotechnology-driven products cater to the expectations of both consumers and manufactures in terms of better quality and effectiveness along with improved stability and easy scale-up. Several organic and inorganic materials are being utilized for the preparation of nanocosmetics having improved characteristics. At the same time, the safety aspects of nanocosmetics are also being pondered. Physicochemical properties play a significant role in controlling the toxicity of nanomaterials. Several mechanisms have been studied for nanomaterial generated toxicity; out of all, reactive oxygen species, generation is the most important mechanism. This chapter discusses all the relevant aspects which are required for safety and toxicity assessments of nano-ingredients for cosmetic use. Regulatory issues are also discussed because of their relevance in preventing the unforeseen toxicity of nanocosmetics.



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Jeswani G., Das Paul S., Chablani L., Ajazuddin (2019) Safety and Toxicity Counts of Nanocosmetics. In: Cornier J., Keck C., Van de Voorde M. (eds) Nanocosmetics. Springer, Cham

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