The Beacon Collaborative: A Journey to Excellence

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TOPIC The development of the Critical Care Beacon Collaborative to achieve meaningful recognition.

CLINICAL RELEVANCE Recognizing nurses for contributions to their work environment and care delivery is important for their professional and personal fulfillment, job satisfaction, and retention; such recognition can occur at the individual, unit, or organizational level. The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Recognition Program acknowledges nursing excellence at the organizational level. It would, however, be difficult for an organization to achieve Magnet designation without nursing excellence at the unit level. To recognize excellence at the unit level, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses developed the Beacon Award in 2003.

OBJECTIVE To describe one academic medical center’s journey toward winning Beacon Awards across 8 units within the adult critical care service.

CONTENT COVERED The Critical Care Beacon Collaborative resulted in a Beacon Award for each unit and important staff outcomes. This article describes the organization, the process before the Critical Care Beacon Collaborative convened and the desired state, and the methods used to achieve our goal. It also discusses unit- and service-level stakeholder involvement. The successes, lessons learned, sustainability, and growth of the Critical Care Beacon Collaborative are shared to assist readers who aspire to pursue a Beacon Award.

(Critical Care Nurse. 2021;41[5]:e17-e25)



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