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M.S. in Advanced Practice Nursing

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Heather McGrane-Minton

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Nancy Wilk


Background:Nurses are the primary educators for a patient and their family when a patient is in the hospital. Previous studies have shown that nurses are not adequately prepared to educate patients and their support person regarding heart failure.

Objective/Purpose: To assess prior knowledge of heart failure education before an educational intervention that aims to increase nursing staff knowledge of heart failure education.

Methods: An educational session with a pre-test and a post-test was conducted regarding heart failure. A convenience sample of heart failure nurses was recruited from a cardiac care unit.

Results: While a total of 19 participants completed the pre-test, 16 participants completed both the pre-test and post-test; therefore, three pre-test surveys were removed from the analysis. A paired samples t-test showed no significant difference between the pre-test score (M = 80.6, SD = 9.64) and post-test score (M = 86.6, SD = 4.73) (t (15)= -1.96, p = 0.069).

Conclusion:The current study showed a slight change in knowledge of heart failure associated with an educational session. Education to all nursing staff and patients might improve patient safety and outcomes.

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