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M.S. in Advanced Practice Nursing

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Pamela Mapstone


Background: The rate of eating disorders is on a rise, especially in adolescents. Eating disorders are very serious and can cause detrimental health problems requiring hospitalizations. Due to the many complications associated with eating disorders, nurses who care for these patients should have proper training and education regarding the disease and its ‟ treatments. Purpose : The purpose of this study was to increase nurse‟s knowledge about caring for patients with eating disorders along with determining the effectiveness of using a self-learning module (SLM) as a teaching method. Methods: A pre and post-assessment test was used in this study. Participants completed the pre-test prior to the completion of the SLM. After completing the SLM, participants were asked to take the same test as a post-test. A survey was then used to determine the effectiveness of the SLM. Results: The mean pre-assessment test score prior to completion of the SLM was 64.7%. The mean post-assessment test score was 85.7%. There was a 21 percent increase in the mean test scores after the completion of the SLM. Conclusion: The post-assessment test scores improved after completion of the SLM indicating that learning occurred. The nurses agreed that the SLM increased their knowledge of eating disorders and enjoyed this method of learning. These findings can influence the care provided to this patient population.

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