Date of Award/Publication

Spring 4-22-2015

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Degree Name

M.S. in Advanced Practice Nursing

First Supervisor

Christine Nelson-Tuttle

Second Supervisor

Colleen Donegan


Purpose: The WHO, AAP, and DHHS recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and continued supplementary breastfeeding until two years of age. Breastfeeding initiation and duration rates are low worldwide, particularly among the adolescent population. The national initiation rate for teen mothers is only 43%, as compared to their adult counterparts at 73.9%; and at six months, only 19% of those teenagers were still breastfeeding.

The objective of this research project is to develop a prenatal educational program geared toward the adolescent population at a local community hospital.

Study Design and Methods: This breastfeeding educational program was developed using extensive research and literature review. Expert review was obtained from the following individuals: an advanced practice care provider in women’s health, a lactation consultant, and an expert in adolescent education. An online survey was used for the expert reviewers to provide feedback and evaluate the project. Participation is voluntary and confidentiality was maintained. The program was modified based on feedback from the expert reviewers. The website aimed at adolescent patient education will be made available to health care providers at a local community hospital and its affiliated OB/GYN offices.

Results: Current research and literature shows that educational programs increase breastfeeding intention, initiation, and duration rates.

Clinical Implications: The implications for this practice are improved birth and parenting satisfaction experiences, improved maternal and infant overall health, and decreased long term health care costs.

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Nursing Commons