Engaging Engaging: Topological Reflections Prompted by Bill Doll

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As a mathematician, which in one sense is where Bill Doll started his own career in education, I want to engage a (still!) nagging email exchange that I had with Bill more than a few years ago. First, however, I invite the reader to explore one of the wonderful territories of mathematics. All you will need are scissors, pen or pencil, some paper, and tape. (Seriously, put down this text and go get those items.) Once you have come to a point where you are ready to abandon the explorations, you can return to the text. Even if you have done these explorations before, you should do them again, if for no other reason than they’re fun!


This is a chapter in Complexifying Curriculum Studies: Reflections on the Generative and Generous Gifts of William E. Doll, Jr., Edited by Molly Quinn.

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