It's About More than Just Teaching Online: Creating agile teams for sustainable online library services

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As Online Program Librarian, I occupy an interesting space: not quite the Instruction Librarian building online course learning objects, and not quite the Coordinator for Instruction. Rather, I support librarians who teach online, and collaborate with the Instruction Coordinator to build reusable digital learning objects. When my institution partnered with an online program manager (OPM, e.g., 2U) to move two graduate programs online, my role was tested. This poster will look at how three distinct roles were created between the Health Sciences Librarian, Coordinator for Instruction and Research, and myself to guide the explosive growth of online learning at our institution. By creating a small team, I have been able to manage the administrative pieces of online learning. These include communicating with faculty, administration, and the OPM about library services design, and working with various library departments to ensure seamless service for online students. This allows the Coordinator for Instruction and Research to focus on the scale and scope of online instructional growth as it impacts traditional, on-the-ground instruction, and for the Health Sciences Librarian to create and build online learning modules with an eye toward evergreen learning objects.


Presented at the 2022 Distance & Online Learning Virtual Poster Session:

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