Letter to Editor regarding flawed method in Nursing Outlook systematic review

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Letter to the Editor

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In the May to June issue of Nursing Outlook, a systematic review was published on health care transition models, written by Betz, O'Kane, Nehring, and Lobo. Systematic reviews by their rigorous nature are difficult to undertake and complete. I applaud the authors for creating a team of experts from different disciplines, on a topic that is multidisciplinary in nature. Other positive features include the use of the strategies described by the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) Statement to guide the review (Moher, Liberati, Teztlaff, Altman, & The PRISMA Group, 2009); looking at review articles to identify original articles; including four levels of screening with multiple reviewers to reduce bias; and the use of the Effective Public Health Practice Project (EPHPP) Quality Assessment Tool for Quantitative Studies to evaluate the quality of the studies.



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