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This poster illustrates how St. John Fisher, SUNY Geneseo, the University of Rochester, and Monroe Community College librarians use collaborative learning techniques and semi-annual meetings to improve their teaching.

In the early 2000s, SUNY Geneseo’s Instruction & Reference Services Team librarians began devoting uninterrupted time to share successes and challenges in information literacy instruction and assimilate new concepts and trends into their practice. After two former SUNY Geneseo librarians joined the Fisher team, the two libraries came together to plan joint meeting where information literacy was to be the main focus. For three years, instruction librarians at Geneseo and their St. John Fisher College counterparts met on a semester basis, leading to what can now be established as a tradition of rotating venues and meeting sponsorship. In Fall 2014, the regular two-party brainstorming session became a four-party affair. Librarians at the University of Rochester and Monroe Community College joined the mix, with the ACRL frameworks surrounding Threshold Concepts on the table. Through joint planning and an agenda filled with active learning strategies, the newly expanded meeting was a success with the participants leaving with a better understanding of the Threshold Concepts, teaching ideas that could speak to the information literacy concepts, and a greater sense of library instruction community within the Rochester area.


Presented at the Rochester Regional Library Council's Silo Busting Bonanza on March 19, 2015 in Rochester, NY.

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