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Poster Presentation

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Spring 3-19-2015


silo-busting, collaboration, online librarian, online education


Being an Online Program Librarian means being the person who keeps abreast of new and developing educational technology, who can troubleshoot Blackboard or other online learning environments, and who can (co)develop authentic information literacy instruction (ILI) for various online courses. However, at Lavery Library I am not the person serving online and distance students, but rather the person serving liaison librarians through collaboration with the Educational Technologist and faculty.

Building on this idea, I have been developing my role as the Assessment and Online Program Librarian since summer 2013. Through collaboration with the Educational Technologist I have been able to learn about how St. John Fisher College views online education, I have helped develop best practices for Lavery Library’s video tutorials, and encouraged and supported liaison librarians in their efforts to move traditional, face-to-face ILI to online formats. In collaboration with liaison librarians and faculty, I have helped facilitate the expansion of ILI offerings while keeping in mind the challenges our online and distance students face (e.g. time-on-task) and developed a model of service for our online and distance students and faculty.


Presented at the Rochester Regional Library Council's Silo Busting Bonanza on March 19, 2015 in Rochester, NY.

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