George P. Decker and Chief Deskaheh

These materials in Series 5, "Native American Citizenship and Legal Status," constitute a portion of the George P. Decker Collection in St. John Fisher University's Lavery Library Special Collections.

This content is presented as historical documents to aid in the understanding of American history and the history of the Six Nations. Some of the images and language that appear in this digital collection may depict prejudices that are not condoned by St. John Fisher University.

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5.3.16: Rights of the Six Nations in Crossing the United States-Canadian Border by G. P. Decker (February 1926)


5.3.3: Memorandum in Support of Bill to Provide an Attorney for the New York Indians by G. Decker (October 1914)


5.3b.36 Six Nations Defense Bonds-Directions


5.3b.38: 2 Blank Six Nations Passports