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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Michael Wischnowski

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Marie Cianca


The Jesuit Secondary Education Association (JSEA) currently lacks a uniform training program for coaches of student-athletes in Jesuit schools specifically on the topic of sportsmanship. The purpose ofthe study was to identify the needs of coaches, as recognized by coaches, teachers, and Jesuit priests at Talin Preparatory School, in concert with Jesuit and sportsmanship "literature," to establish a uniform program for how to teach sportsmanship to student-athletes in Jesuit secondary schools and the pedagogy needed to deliver it. The study combined literature of sportsmanship, moral development, social learning theory, self-motivation theory, and Jesuit education. The study used focus groups, conducted at Talin Prep, to gather qualitative data regarding coaches, sportsmanship, and Jesuit education. The results of the study found that coaches, teachers, and Jesuit priests at Talin Prep thought a sportsmanship training program for coaches in Jesuit schools was necessary and feasible. However, coaches held that sportsmanship training could only be achieved through mentoring. In contrast, teachers and Jesuit priests found that mentoring and a formal program were viable methods of sportsmanship training for coaches. Future researchers should consider (a) conducting a survey across all sports and all levels of Jesuit high school coaching experience to determine what coaches need to better teach and model sportsmanship to their studentathletes and what instructional methods are most effective in delivering a sportsmanship training curriculum throughout all JSEA member schools; (b) providing an opportunity for coaches to express any other development needs that they feel Jesuit schools should provide; and (c) asking for and investigating concrete examples of training methods and curriculum tools to be used in a nationwide program.

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