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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Jerry Willis

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Claudia L. Edwards


This study explored transformational leadership theory, which is well documented and the subject of considerable research. Four components known as the four I ’ s make up transformational leadership: (a) charisma or idealized influence, (b) inspirational motivation, (c) intellectual stimulation, and (d) individual consideration. Most transformational leadership research has focused on leadership behavior related to these four components, but little has been done to gain a deeper understanding of the transformational leadership behaviors of senior pastors who oversee congregationally formed faith-based community development corporations (CDCs). This study used quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (narrative interviews) empirical research, carried out with senior pastors and followers to determine the strength of the relationship between organizational effectiveness and transformational leadership. The problem question, “ Does transformational leadership as a conceptual framework increase the effectiveness of congregationally formed faith-based CDCs?” was explored through this study. The study investigated transformational leadership as one strategy to enhance the effectiveness of congregationally formed faith-based CDCs. These organizations are effective when they provide long-term programs and service within a continuum without dissolution or interruption of planned or intended assistance. This study presented a model of the impact of transformational leadership on senior pastors and followers at the individual level and on effectiveness at the organizational level. Findings suggested that transformational leadership does have strong relationships with senior pastors motivation and follower outcomes, most often through organizational effectiveness. The implications of the findings for senior pastors who oversee congregationally formed faith-based CDCs, along with some potential practical applications is discussed.

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