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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Dr. Steve Draper

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Dr. Greta Strong


This qualitative phenomenological exploratory case study explored Afro Flow Yoga to evaluate its potential as a culturally adaptable mindfulness-based intervention for enhancing the health and well-being of Black women while addressing the historical ills and adverse effects of intersectionality. From its beginning, the United States has discriminated against and defeminized Black women while profiting from all aspects of their lives. To be Black and female in America is to experience perpetual racism, sexism, and other "isms" as forms of harm and oppression. Therefore, culturally adapted mindfulness interventions are essential to cater to the unique needs of Black women. The mindfulness exercises included in this model will provide Black women and facilitators with the essential tools to address their unique needs. Overall, this study will contribute to mindfulness-based interventions and research by highlighting the transformative effects of culturally adaptive mindfulness-based intervention Afro Flow Yoga on the health and well-being of Black women.

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