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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Dr. W. Jeff Wallis

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Dr. Seth Weitzman


The NYPD Mobility Initiative was launched in 2014. The program issued a smartphone to every NYPD officer and installed a tablet in every NYPD patrol car. Applications were developed for the smartphones/tablets. This quantitative descriptive retrospective pretest-posttest research study examined to what extent did the NYPD Mobility Initiative change police sergeants’ perceived ability to perform tasks that make them safer, more efficient, and more effective. The study sought to determine if NYPD sergeants believed that smartphones and tablets, which are part of the Mobility Initiative, fit the tasks they performed daily in the hopes of increasing task-technology fit (TTF).

An online survey was sent to sergeants in the NYPD who had 10-14 years of service by the Sergeants Benevolent Association. The survey consisted of 28 questions and used a 5-point Likert scale. There were 81 respondents. The sergeants in this study perceived that their ability to perform tasks related to safety (Research Question 1) had improved by 82%; their perceived ability to perform tasks related to effectiveness (Research Question 2) had improved by 19%; and their perceived ability to perform tasks related to efficiency (Research Question 3) had improved by 48% since the start of the NYPD Mobility Initiative.

This study recommends improvements be made to the forms application. The NYPD needs to improve communication between dispatchers and patrol officers. Officers should be surveyed to determine what applications need improvement. The NYPD Mobility Initiative should be included in supervision and management reports.

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