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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Shannon Cleverley-Thompson, EdD

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Myra Henry, EdD


Research on project management success has shifted from initially seeing project management as a primarily technical skill, to recognizing the importance of leadership by the project manager (PM). Studies on culturally diverse teams agree that diversity intensifies the challenges to the leader or PM. Cultural intelligence (CQ) predicts how successful people are working within a diverse workforce. The purpose of this study was to identify relationships between the CQ scores of information technology project managers (IT PMs) in the United States and project success with domestically diverse teams. The study used the Cultural Intelligence Scale questionnaire and surveyed PMs on their project success.

The results of this study suggest that IT PMs in the United States who manage domestically diverse teams have higher CQ scores than average. The results also suggest that the higher a PM’s CQ, the higher the PM perceives their project success related to the quality of the project activities and end product. Specifically, high metacognitive CQ correlates with project success.

This study adds to the body of knowledge on CQ and PM success by measuring the CQ of IT PMs in the United States who managed domestically diverse teams, as well as identifying how high CQ scores correlate with project success. The results of the study provide recommendations for actions PMs and their managers can take to increase CQ, project quality, and potentially stakeholder satisfaction

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