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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Dr. Guillermo Montes, Chair

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Dr. Linda McGinley


The purpose of this qualitative research study, using the Straussian approach to grounded theory, was to analyze and understand how 10 secondary school principals in Western New York State public schools used their time. The study was aimed at developing a grounded theory that addressed principals’ mental models that connected their activities with their daily responsibilities, and it examined the processes used by each educational leader concerning their time-use decisions.

The results from this study show that secondary school principal time use can be organized into two jobs that conflict with each other during the academic day. The emergent theory centers on balancing the two jobs and the influence of values and relationships with administrative assistants. Principals who find a balance between their two jobs experience more success than principals who do not.

The recommendations include action items for school boards and superintendents, educational leadership preparation programs, and future principals. Changes within each recommendation area are suggested that will allow principals to balance their time between their two jobs, develop stronger relationships with their administrative assistants, and delegate responsibility.


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