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Executive Leadership


The purpose of this quantitative, descriptive analysis study was to examine the perspectives of suburban teachers and principals on implementing the New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining (CR-S) Education Framework. It specifically addressed the conditions needed for ensuring a welcoming and affirming environment, fostering high expectations and rigorous instruction, identifying inclusive curriculum and assessment, and engaging ongoing professional learning.

Perspectives were gathered from 133 teachers and 19 principals regarding their preparedness in implementing the CR-S education framework within three-level responses. Four recommendations were identified from the research analysis for future practices: (a) develop and sustain culturally responsive relationships with students and families, (b) foster a sense of belonging for students, (c) invite students to participate in the design of curriculum and instruction, and (d) develop a cohesive plan ensuring the implementation of the CR-S education framework in suburban school districts.


Only the abstract of this dissertation is available, on the author’s request.

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