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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Loretta Quigley, EdD, RN, CNE

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Cynthia P. Smith, EdD, RT (R)


This purpose of this study was to examine the ways Commissioner’s Regulation Subpart 154.2 (CR Subpart 154.2) directly influenced seven seasoned secondary school English as a new language (ENL) teachers and their English language learner (ELL) students. Specifically, this study explored how the ENL teachers changed their pedagogy, instructional practices, and role as advocates since the implementation of CR Subpart 154.2. Utilizing Freire’s banking concept of education as a theoretical lens, the research was conducted using a qualitative descriptive methodology and semi-structured interviews. Findings were coded and interpreted to reveal the ENL teachers’ experiences with curricular changes prior to and after the restructuring of CR Part 154. Findings revealed three categories: (a) lack of access to curriculum, (b) student empowerment, and (c) marginalization, and three themes: (a) the oppressed, (b) liberation through education, and (c) imbalance of power. Recommendations include reexamining the make-up of CR Subpart 154.2 and creating protocols in schools that promote intentional and effective coteaching partnerships as well as informed, proactive scheduling for individual ELL students.

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