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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Dr. Marie Cianca

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Dr. Carly McCabe


Nonprofit organizations play a pivotal role within the world of business and our communities. The purpose of this study was to examine how organizational culture and use of technology align with organizational effectiveness in charitable nonprofit organizations. Most of the research completed in the nonprofit sector consists of quantitative studies. For this study, a qualitative research design was employed. This study examined the perspectives of charitable nonprofit employees at the executive, management, and staff levels in medium-sized organizations. The study used the SevenStep Road Map framework by Gostick and Elton (2012) to examine the data through a transformational leadership lens. Data collection included interviews conducted via Zoom with employees of two medium-sized charitable nonprofit organizations. Four major findings emerged from the study. First, in medium-sized nonprofit organizations, it is critical that needed resources are allocated for all aspects of internal technology. Second, leaders need to model and foster an organizational culture that is supportive of the use of technology and the necessary training for systemic adoption. Third, employees of medium-sized nonprofit organizations need to feel a sense of belonging that is cultivated by the leader. Fourth, consistent information sharing with all employees creates transparency and helps build an authentic culture. This study includes recommendations for future research and provides practice recommendations for nonprofit leaders related to the study’s findings.

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