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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Daniele Lyman-Torres, Ed.D.

Second Supervisor

Tricia Lyman, Ed.D.


Using a theoretical framework of survivance and strategic social change theory, the purpose of this ethnographic qualitative study was to explore and understand the Akwesasne Kanien’kéhaka Aunties regarding healing from colonialism through storytelling and photo sharing of their material culture and visual representations of their lived experiences. The re-search focused on Akwesasne Aunties, ages 30–39, and their stories regarding leadership, healing from colonialism, and trauma. The Aunties discussed their roles and responsibilities, normalizing decolonization, creating cultural connections, and the impact of the colonial mindset. Recommendations that make practical use of the findings in this study include revitalization of the Kaienkeha’ka traditional teachings within the Auntie role, within the council and community, and in relationships within settler leadership.

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