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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Jason Berman, Ed.D.


The purpose of this research was to gain a better understanding of how registered nurses (RNs) and physical therapists (PTs) perceive and engage in interprofessional collaboration in the home care setting. Research evidence in acute-care settings shows interprofessional collaboration between health care providers improves patient outcomes. However, there is limited research on how interprofessional collaboration is performed and perceived in the home health care setting. Additionally, there is less research specifically on the relationship of RNs and PTs in the home care setting. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight home care RNs and eight PTs working for a nonprofit certified home health agency. The interview findings for how RNs and PTs engage in collaboration were summarized in three categories: (a) remote collaboration, (b) co-visits, and (c) interdisciplinary team meetings. The perceptions of interprofessional collaboration for RNs and PTs were categorized as (a) facilitators, (b) barriers, and (c) recommendations to improve collaboration. Facilitators for collaboration included: (a) effective communication, (b) team climate, and (c) shared vision. The barriers were classified as: (a) poor communication, (b) remote setting, and (c) doctor communication. The RNs and PTs provided recommendations to improve collaboration including improved communication and team training opportunities. The findings support previous research conducted in acute-care settings and provide recommendations for future home health care research.

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