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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Jason Berman

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Caroline Critchlow


The purpose of this study was to investigate level of entrepreneurial orientation (risk-taking, innovativeness, and proactiveness) in chief school business officials (CSBOs) and the relationship between individual entrepreneurial orientation and school business performance in K-12 rural public schools. The researcher collected data on selfreported entrepreneurial orientation of rural public K-12 CSBOs in New York State. Additionally, the researcher collected frequency data related to business activities in schools. This survey-based study (n = 83) was completed by CSBOs in rural and small sized K-12 public school districts across New York State. Findings for this study indicate that CSBOs view themselves as proactive, but not necessarily innovative or risk-taking. Additionally, findings indicate that there is a weak non-significant relationship between perceived risk-taking and frequency of pro-business activities. Similarly, findings indicate that there is weak non-significant relationship between innovativeness and frequency of pro-business activity. However, findings indicate that there is a positive significant relationship between proactiveness and pro-business activity. Although no causal link was established between proactiveness and frequency of pro-business activity in this setting, it is recommended that K-12 rural public school continue to seek out proactive CSBOs in order to increase the likelihood that frequency of pro-business activity occurs.

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