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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Sr. Remigia Kushner

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Gilbert Louis


This study explored how Black-owned small businesses survived the business gentrification in the Harlem neighborhood of Bradhurst. The research methodology used was a mixed-methods, explanatory, sequential design. In the quantitative phase, survey data were used to describe how many Black-owned small businesses survived the business gentrification. In the quantitative phase, the researcher found a total of 74 (N) eligible Black-owned small businesses survivors. The Black-owned small businesses consisted of 28%, or 21, of the 74 business that existed prior to the period of gentrification and that survived after gentrification. There were 18%, or 13, of the 74 Black-owned small businesses that started during, and existed after, the business gentrification. In the qualitative phase, the researcher conducted six qualitative semi-structured interviews of Black-owned small business survivors. The qualitative findings of this study suggest that the Black-owned small businesses employed five key strategies to survive the business gentrification by managing the change in the business environment, identifying new business opportunities, securing capital financing for growth, taking advantage of technical assistance from local sources, and increasing education and leadership in operating their businesses. The quantitative and qualitative findings were then integrated for a better understanding of the strategies employed by the Black-owned small businesses to survive. Recommendations for stakeholders are to develop educational programs tailored to Black-owned small businesses, to create business-building strategies to enhance the resources needed to manage change in a changing business environment, and to stabilize the finances of their businesses for maximization and long-term business growth. The study was intended to be useful to policy makers, businesses, and educators.

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