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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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C. Michael Robinson

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Shawn Van Scoy


Little is understood or has been researched regarding which social media tools New York State public school superintendents use in their jobs, how they use those tools, and what challenges they face using social media in their jobs. The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine and understand the challenges that superintendents face on a daily basis and to explain how social media is impacting the superintendencies of superintendents, ages 30 to over 65 years. A survey was sent to over 720 public school superintendents in New York State. Participants were drawn from urban, suburban, and rural school districts across the state. The data that were collected through research, interviews, and a survey and were analyzed to identify categories, themes, and perspectives across the participant responses. The data were disaggregated to reveal emergent themes and grouped into different ways of looking at all the themes. The research identified the types of social media that superintendents use in the areas of professional development and decision making in policy development, and social media use with boards of education, professional organizations, and school districts. Recommendations for additional research and initiatives to help superintendents succeed with social media tools are included, and recommendations are also identified as to what social media tools superintendents should be using and the major social media tools superintendents should be looking at daily in their districts.

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