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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Theresa Pulos

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C. Michael Robinson


This study examined the dynamics that exists between the perceptions urban teachers’ hold of their preparedness for high-needs urban schools, and the realities of such. This study focused on explicit, personal experiences of a select group of novice teachers who work in high-needs urban schools within the City of Albany, NY. The study concluded that teachers are not being effectively prepared for the high-needs urban context. Teacher participants all identified various gaps that existed within their preparation with many being uniform to all teacher participants. It is recommended that teacher preparation programs refine program curriculum as outlined to include consideration of the high-needs urban context that so many of its teachers will undoubtedly serve in. It is recommended that reparation programs adopt a residency model to their programs. Accurate experiences for teacher candidates is necessary before entering the profession. It is recommended that elementary and secondary schools make considerations to include a variety of topics in their professional development sessions for new hires and all others. An understanding of the context encompassing what it means to be high-needs, working with children in poverty, and an understanding of social emotional intelligence are deemed most prevalent as teachers need to understand where they are working, understand the students they are working with, and understand themselves and the role they play in student development.

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