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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Jeannine Dingus-Eason

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Diane Reed


Research has shown that Black males drop out of urban high schools due to the emotional, academic, and personal challenges they encounter in and out of school. However, there is a scarcity of academic research on the re-enrollment of urban, Black male students and the resilience they exhibit towards their diplomas. The purpose of this study is to understand resilience in Black males who dropout, re-enroll and complete their General Equivalency Diplomas or high school diplomas. The study determined what these students identify as components of their resilience. A qualitative research approach was utilized, specifically individual interviews, demographic sheets, field notes, and a group interview; all contributors to understand the behaviors and experiences of Black males who re-enrolled and completed their diplomas. Three themes emerged which include: a) accountability to caring adults and self; (b) his diploma as a symbol of a rebirth; and, (c) a newfound sense of purpose. Black males may find more social, emotional, and academic success in urban school districts if educators and community members’ practices fostered the process of building resilience.

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