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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Jason Berman

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Russell Coward


This study informs the work of school leaders, administrators, pre-tenured teachers, and induction program directors by supporting research related to instructional leadership, school performance, and teacher socialization. The study investigates how administrators’ and special-subject, pre-tenured teachers’ perceive instructional leadership support. The study compared administrators’ and special-subject, pre-tenured teachers’ perceptions of support strategies in schools meeting and not meeting New York State English Language Arts adequate yearly performance (AYP) targets. The results of the study support research related to effective school leadership and contribute to the current literature on support for new teachers. The results suggest that administrators in schools meeting AYP targets set school-wide goals based on school and student achievement data and administrators’ current support practices may not adequately meet the needs of special-subject, pre-tenured teachers. The results suggest a number of recommendations for improving administrators’ current practices related to goal setting and support for special-subject, pre-tenured teachers and opportunities for further research related to administrators’ instructional leadership support.

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