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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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W. Jeff Wallis

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Gilbert Louis


This study investigated the type of organization climate and extent of organization effectiveness perceived by the enrollment division employees at a community college in the northeast United States, as well as the potential relationship(s) between and among descriptive categories and organizational climate, in relation to organizational effectiveness. Using a quantitative survey research design, this study applied field theory and used two instruments; the Work Group Climate Assessment (WCA) and the Organizational Effectiveness Index (OEI). The WCA identified enrollment employees' perceptions of their department and division's organizational climate, also known as work environment, collecting two sets of data on actual performance and importance. The OEI identified enrollment employees' perceptions of their departments and division's organizational effectiveness, also known as operational productivity and goal achievement. This study focused on enrollment management employees from four interconnected departments: admissions, advisement, testing, and registrar. The study found significant differences in the way employees view the organizational climate and organizational effectiveness between descriptive categories, particularly in job titles. Additionally within the job title category, there were significant differences in climate perceptions among the directors and administrative support groups. The organizational effectiveness and organizational climate both varied, specifically and significantly within the category of job title, in the enrollment division at this particular college. Moreover the findings indicate that the organizational climate of this division predicts its organizational effectiveness, when controlling for job title at 65% variance consistently. Thus, job titles and organizational climate were explanatory variables for the variance found between and among groups' perceptions of organizational effectiveness in the enrollment division.

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