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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Shelley Jallow

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Carol Alleyne


This non-experimental exploratory sequential study was undertaken to assess the extent to which adult students can transfer and apply information literacy competencies, based on the AAC&U Information Literacy VALUE Rubric, to a research paper required in an area-of interest, intermediate or advanced level course. Participants were enrolled in an undergraduate liberal arts college degree program in a school designed on the andragogical model of adult education. Participants had completed a 2-credit information literacy course during a previous semester. To ascertain the students’ information literacy competencies, course research papers were assessed using three of the five components of the rubric. The targeted components were the ability to: determine the extent of information needed, use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose, and access information ethically and legally. Based on the achieved scores, the students demonstrated a greater ability to find appropriate scholarly resources, and to incorporate those ideas into their research papers than the ability to acknowledge and credit authorship of original sources.

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