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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Cathleen McColgin

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Jodi Dowthwaite


Although there are a growing number of adjunct faculty teaching the majority of students at many community colleges, some institutions have not initiated practices to cultivate and support adjunct faculty. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to use the voices of the adjuncts to gain insight into their lived experiences and expectations of support and recognition by the institutions they serve. Ten participants from four Central New York Community Colleges participated in this study. Semi-structured interviews were utilized as the primary source of data collection. Eight themes emerged, representing the participants’ experience that included: (a) inclusion, (b) inspiring students, (c) upward trajectory, (d) communication, (e) socialization, (f) challenges, (g) professional development, and (h) recognition. In the current study, adjunct faculty reported that they desire to belong to a collegial college community, work collaboratively with full-time faculty, and feel valued by their peers and the institution. The recommendations for changes to institutional practices discussed in this study could improve institutional recognition of adjuncts’ contributions to the overall quality of higher education and student success.

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