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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Marie Cianca


The purpose of this study is to identify the information literacy dispositions that community college faculty find important to their disciplines and therefore, to their students. The study examined who community college faculty members believe is responsible for teaching various information literacy concepts. The study analyzed community college faculty responses related to information literacy skills. Research was conducted in accordance with the Association of College and Research Libraries’ information literacy framework and measured the importance of specific information literacy skills from the perception of faculty. A cross sectional design used quantitative survey methods modeled after Gullikson’s significant research on faculty perceptions. The study results indicate that community college faculty view all information literacy dispositions as important, and implementing information literacy concepts is a shared responsibility between community college faculty and librarians. Subtle variances between different categories of survey respondents were recorded. The findings may be used to shape recommendations to improve, evaluate, and implement information literacy at the community college level. Community colleges need to adopt information literacy as an institutional goal while providing financial support and policies that encourage partnerships between librarians and faculty, require assessment of information literacy initiatives. An assessment of student information literacy skills is also warranted with consideration of the needs and limitations of students, faculty and programs in order for information literacy programs to be successful.

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