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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Richard Maurer

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Steven Block


This qualitative, single-case study explored the strategic planning one nonprofit agency assumed when transitioning from a treatment first to a housing first model. Data collected included both archival data and individual interviews. Archival data consisted of the strategic plan, policy and procedures, and newspaper articles. A purposeful sample of agency administrators participated in individual interviews. Data analysis revealed the agency’s internal initiative to transition and the importance of using staff at all levels to develop the strategic plan. Additionally, the study revealed the agency did not successfully transition to a traditional housing first model due to several external barriers, but was able to see positive outcomes including increased retention rates and reduced lengths of stay in shelters. These findings resulted in the recommendations to involve staff at all levels of the agency in strategic planning, keep aware of external barriers, and revise the strategic plan to reflect the current reality of the agency’s operations.

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