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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Ronald Valenti

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Pamela Davis


Research suggests that parent engagement leads to positive student outcomes, such as academic achievement, attendance and level of motivation. Typically, the definition of parental engagement is dependent on parents, and teachers. Little research focuses on the students’ perceptions of parental support. Students’ perceptions of parental engagement need to be further researched in order to help validate research around parental engagement and its implication on student outcomes. The intent of this quantitative study will be to investigate to what degree a relationship exists between middle school students’ perceptions of parental support and student outcomes, namely student grade point average, attendance, and attitudes toward school. Quantitative research questions and hypotheses will address the relationship between parental engagement and the outcomes of middle school students who attend a public kindergarten through grade 8 public school in a New York City school district. The Student Survey of Family and Community Involvement in the Elementary and Middle Grades survey instrument will be used to measure students’ perceptions of parental engagement and student attitudes toward school. Grade point average and attendance data were collected from Automate the Schools (ATS), a school based system that standardizes and automates the collection and reporting of data for all students in New York City public schools.

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