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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Maria Cianca

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Timothy Franz


Empirical studies have shown that employee turnover rates in call centers positions are significantly greater than most other job positions. This quantitative study examined the relationship of call center employees’ job satisfaction and job characteristics using Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model as the primary theoretical framework. Specifically, the study looked at the components of the Motivating Potential Score, including three psychological states and five job characteristics, in relation to job satisfaction. This study surveyed call center employees within a large payroll and human resources services company in New York State. The results of the study demonstrated that there was a strong positive correlation between job satisfaction and the Motivating Potential Score. In addition, the study showed that of the three psychological states, experienced meaningfulness and knowledge of results almost equally had the strongest relation to perceived job satisfaction. Feedback was shown to have the greatest relationship to job satisfaction of the five job characteristics among the overall sample of call center workers. These findings highlight the opportunity to conduct additional research to gain greater insights into call center job design, training for both call centers workers and their management, and additional initiatives for motivating for female employees. Overall, this research provides greater understanding of job characteristics in call center positions and their relation to call center employees’ job satisfaction.

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