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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Guillermo Montes

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John Mavromatis


This quantitative study explored the growing population of community college students and their exposure to serious electronic games. Serious gamers are students that spend a significant amount of time playing electronic games, specifically those games that have and educational intent or a measured learning outcome. These students have not been studied at any length regarding study habits or the impact of serious gaming on health, particularly in the community college setting. This exploratory study analyzed the differences in study habits and class attendance of community college students, with regard to exposure to serious electronic games. A Qualtrics based survey was administered to the student population and anonymous results were compiled. Serious gamer status was significantly associated with eating and exercise habits of the student, but not with study habits. An understanding of the health and exercise habits of community college students, in particular those that are serious gamers, was the purpose of the study.

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