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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Byron Hargrove


Over the past decade, the growth of international undergraduate students in United States (U.S.) higher education has increased tremendously. While there has been growth, there is limited research on the support services available to these students and the perceived level of institutional commitment to providing the services. The purpose of this quantitative study was to identify international student support services available and perceptions of institutional commitment to these services from the perspective of the campus personnel working at the top 40 special focus institutions enrolling international students in U.S. higher education. The perceptions of institutional commitment and available services were reported by program administrators in the roles of international student advisors, directors, deans, and vice presidents of international student services. Based on self-reported responses of 17 campus personnel each representing one of the 40 top enrolling special focus institutions for international students, no significant differences in perceptions of institutional commitment existed between institutional structure, institutional location, student enrollment or international student enrollment. In addition, there was no significant relationship between number of campus personnel dedicated to international support services and institutional commitment or campus characteristics and international student support services. According to the self-report of the 17 international student campus personnel, each institution addressed the need for international student support services similarly regardless of total enrollment or demographics. Based on the growing international student population, it is essential to continue looking at how institutions of all structures and locations can address international student support services and commitment to these services.

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