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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Mary S. Collins

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Gerard Rooney


Abstract This research study is an exploration of career aspirations of Chinese-American faculty members at selected colleges and universities in New York State. The purpose of this study is to understand what influences Chinese-American faculty members’ career paths and to determine whether their higher education experiences have any lasting effects on their career aspirations. This study is guided by Lent, Brown and Hackett’s (2000) Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT). This research study is a qualitative, narrative study that utilize a three-dimensional space approach and semi-structured interview instrument. Seven qualified participants were chosen from three selected colleges and universities in New York State. The study identified that Chinese-American faculty members aspire more to be the best faculty and/or researcher in their field instead of pursuing a senior-level administrative position in higher education. Moreover, the study indicates that organizational socialization, cultural sensitivity, and family influence impact Chinese-American faculty members’ career aspirations and their career choices. The study demonstrates that the underrepresentation of Asian Americans in the senior level leadership positions did not make a significant influence on Chinese-American faculty members’ career aspirations. Recommendations are made for future research with a larger sample of Chinese American faculty from different geographic areas and focusing on how different levels of parents’ educational background affect family members’ career aspirations.

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