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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Michael Robinson

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Edward Sullivan


The issue of bullying has become prominent in public schools and leads to an unsafe environment for learning. Due to the increased public concern regarding bullying and its impact on student safety and learning, states have been forced to develop legislation to address bullying behaviors. This study determined the necessary components in the development, implementation, and evaluation of anti-bullying policies in schools based on input from key stakeholders. Surveys were distributed to school superintendents and elementary and secondary principals in Dutchess County, New York to determine their rankings of the most important components or processes for inclusion in an effective anti-bullying policy. Additionally, a review of the literature indicated numerous strategies for the proper development, implementation, and evaluation of anti-bullying policy. Analysis indicated similarities in the responses from elementary school principals and school superintendents in the areas of policy development, implementation, and evaluation. The findings resulted in seven recommendations for policy development, six recommendations for policy implementation, and four recommendations for policy evaluation. The study is significant in that it provides school districts with a framework to develop, implement and evaluate anti-bullying policy.

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