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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Christopher Griffin

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Janice Kelly


The disappearance of African American males on college campuses has become a nationwide concern. This epidemic has resulted in the establishment of a variety of intervention programs to assist in closing this gap. This study investigated the Black Male Initiative (BMI) program at Medgar Evers College (MEC). Using a quasi-experimental design, it examined how this program addresses the dearth of African American males on college campuses. The study compared the success of African American males who participated in the BMI program with those who did not. In the context of this study, success was defined as persistence towards graduation, as measured by college GPA, high school GPA, high school attended, semesters attended, credits earned, semesters multiplied by college GPA , college GPA multiplied by credits earned and degree attainment. Using a quasi-experimental design, this quantitative study explored whether relationships exist between high school GPA and high school attended as predictors of college GPA. The findings indicate there is a strong relationship between BMI participants and college GPA, semesters attended, credits earned and degree attainment. Additionally, there was a weak relationship between high school GPA and college GPA, credits earned and semesters attended. An unexpected finding was how well foreign educated students fared as several of the tests conducted.

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