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Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. Most children have heard this simple admonition at some point. It is truly unfortunate that it is not true. Sometimes athletes cheat and win, at least for a while. But it is rarely a good long-term strategy. And given the desire to win evident in athletes at all levels, maybe we should not be surprised at the occasional act of cheating, but rather at the rampant cooperation and sportsmanship that in fact transpires each day in professional sports stadium, high school and college facilities, and parks and sandlots across America. In this essay, we will use the tools of economics to examine and explain this epidemic of sportsmanship and good behavior.


This chapter is from Sportsmanship: Multidisciplinary Perspectives © 2016 Edited by Tim Delaney by permission of McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640.

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