Coding Pedagogy for the Liberal Arts: An Online Publication

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Professors across various disciplines in the liberal arts increasingly find themselves incorporating programming into their classes. Examples include media professors teaching web design and video game development, art professors teaching Processing, and statistics and political science professors teaching R. In order to help meet the professional development needs of this group, an online publication published in late fall 2018 covers both the general trends related to coding across the liberal arts disciplines, as well as specific pedagogical strategies and assignments related primarily to media production. Specifically, the chapters are: 1) an overview of the use of coding within media departments nationwide; 2) a literature review and analysis of coding pedagogical discourse as it relates to the liberal arts; 3) a discussion of why journalism and media students need to know coding; and six case studies: 4) mobile app creation; 5) p5.js; 6) HTML/CSS 7) interactive documentaries; 8) data visualizations; 9) video games. This book takes an innovative trajectory by never being entirely complete. Authors may submit additional chapters for consideration at anytime with the goal of creating a large repository of coding pedagogy strategies for professors teaching programming outside of traditional Computer Science (and hopefully, Computer Science professors may find this source useful as well). This poster showcases some of the content of the online publication and invites new authors to consider submitting-after discussion with the editor who will be available at the poster session.



Poster presented at the 50th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education in Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 1, 2019. It was included in the conference proceedings.

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