One-pot Synthesis of Chalcone Epoxides: A Green Chemistry Experiment Developed through a Senior Capstone Project

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In recent years, there has been an increased effort to introduce green chemistry principles into organic synthesis. One-pot multicomponent processes and one-pot consecutive processes have been discovered that allow compounds to be prepared without having to isolate and purify the intermediates, thereby minimizing the waste. As part of a senior capstone project, a one-pot synthesis for chalcone epoxides has been developed. Various chalcone epoxides can be synthesized from substituted benzaldehydes and acetophenones by one-pot consecutive reactions of aldol condensation and epoxidation. A low concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be used as the epoxidizing agent. The reaction progress can be monitored by thin layer chromatography. The functional group transformation can be studied by NMR spectroscopy.


Presented at the 19th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Bethesda, Maryland, July 2015.

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