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The neutral organosilicon(IV) complex, (C6F5)2Si(OPO)2 (OPO = 1-oxopyridin-2-one, C5H4NO2), was synthesized from (C6F5)2Si(OCH3)2 and 2 equiv. of 1-hy­droxy­pyridin-2-one in tetra­hydro­furan (THF). Single crystals grown from the diffusion of n-pentane into a THF solution were identified as a THF hemisolvate and an n-pentane hemisolvate, (C6F5)2Si(OPO)2·0.5THF·0.5C5H12 (1). p-Tol­yl2Si(OPO)2 (2) and mesit­yl2Si(OPO)2 (3) crystallized directly from reaction mixtures of 2 equiv. of Me3Si(OPO) with p-tol­yl2SiCl2 and mesit­yl2SiCl2, respectively, in aceto­nitrile. The oxygen-bonded carbon and nitro­gen atoms of the OPO ligands in 1, 2, and 3 were modeled as disordered indicating co-crystallization of up to three possible diastereomers in each. Solution NMR studies support the presence of exclusively the all-cis isomer in 1 and multiple isomers in 2. Poor solubility of 3 limited its characterization in solution.



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