Making connections: Implementing a community-based learning experience in green chemistry

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Community-based learning has become a powerful tool by which chemists can affect both pedagogical and social changes. This chapter introduces the design and implementation of a community-based learning experience in a green chemistry course. The students engage in hands-on active learning group projects in collaboration with a community partner. Two community-based learning projects are discussed, where students analyze water quality of a local river in the first project and then develop curricular activities for a middle school science unit in the second project. These projects provide students with the opportunity to learn the process of scientific discovery, to improve scientific literacy and communication skills, and to explore real-life applications based on community needs.



This is a chapter published in Integrating Green and Sustainable Chemistry Principles into Education, edited by Andrew P. Dicks and Loyd D. Bastin. Copyright © 2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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