Spectrophotometric Quantification of Ibuprofen Release in Dissolution Testing. A Pharmaceutical Analysis Experiment for Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

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An instrumental analysis laboratory experiment that demonstrates the use of dissolution testing and UV-Vis spectroscopy in drug analysis is presented. This experiment serves to provide a basis for dissolution testing to undergraduate chemistry students. Dissolution is an important test in establishing the quality of pharmaceutical drugs. The experiment illustrates a real life pharmaceutical analysis application aimed at determining the rate of drug release from different dosage forms of ibuprofen as a function of time. Dissolution testing of three Advil tablet dosage forms was performed in dissolution media that mimic to some extent the physiological conditions encountered in the stomach and small intestine. Details of the experimental procedure are described along with results. This experiment provides chemistry students with experience in the basic methods used for quantifying drug release in dissolution tests in the pharmaceutical industry, and introduces them partly to the concept of process analytical chemistry.

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